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Crowns, Bridges, Veneers & Implants


We provide a large variety of dental services and we work with national and local laboratories that are known for quality and high standards  

Exams & Cleanings


Our through exams cover everything from periodontal assessment and measurement to digital x rays and intraoral health exam



The fillings placed here are tooth colored fillings, our materials are the highest quality you can find

Dentures & Partials 

A traditional method for replacing multiple missing teeth, removable prosthetics.
Clear Aligners

Clear aligners work are orthodontic devices that are transparent. It is a plastic form of dental braces used to adjust teeth.

Oral Surgery


Oral surgery procedures are performed to relieve pain, treat infection or improve a person's smile.

Endodontic Treatment

A root canal is a common treatment for a tooth containing a damaged nerve.

Children's Dentistry

We provide dental treatment to children of all ages and we recently added a laser for treatment of cavities without shots

Emergency Dentistry

For any emergency appointment please call our office and we will try and accommodate your needs as much as we can

Tooth Whitening

We offer clinical strength in office whitening appointments.


Dentistry 360 is a modern dental office opened in 2012. Since it's opening our office has seen a large number of patients from the neighborhood but also from all areas of Denver and even other states.

Our modern technology : laser treatment of gum disease or cavities, digital x-ray with less radiation than conventional ones, modern treatment of gum infections with antibiotics and laser, brought more and more patients to our office through referrals and word of mouth

Amongst the treatments we offer are : tooth colored fillings (no mercury), crowns and bridges, cosmetic dentistry (veneers and bonding) , dentures and partials with or without implants or other invisible attachments (ERA)

We offer also placing and restoring of implants, and we work with many local specialists to address more complicated issues or requests

Our constant attention to our patients needs and interest made us take a special pride in offering adult orthodontic treatments , short term treatments aimed to improve the look and appearance of the front teeth through Invisalign and clear corect

For our new and existing patients we offer, with each cleaning appointment a free laser whitening in office , a 250usd value



over 2000

Laser treatments for gum disease , laser treatment for cavities, implants, Mini implants, clear aligners, veneers, braces, LVI endodontic and many other classes and certifications    

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